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I'm sorry to say that this barely-Alpha game is on hold. Why? Because frankly, I need to work on a better game. I'm not saying it's a bad game concept... It's just nothing too new or interesting. This was going to be my first foray into professional indie development, and frankly I need something more original if this is going to work. There's a lot of competition out there. And if I'm going to be a success in the indie market, I need something big.

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After browsing the internet, as you do, and reading some interesting articles about recent indie game successes I realised something. There are a lot more failures out there than lauded award-winners. Countless games that have been made, and made well... They just haven't reached many people, or sold at all well.

Now making money isn't my top concern. So long as I get enough to keep myself alive, and able to make good games, then that's great. But in today's market, where anyone can cobble together some half-baked "Angry Birds" ripoff (which in itself isn't an original idea), you really have to stand out.

And what game did I decide to do? A top-down shooter, with aliens. Hardly an oft-successful format, let alone original. Sure, it might do well if I already have a development history and a fanbase. But I'm new here, and if I want to reach out to people with my games I'm going to need something extra special.

So I'll be working on something else for a while. A game that I feel confident will stand out amongst the countless bland platformers and and ten-minute RPG-Maker titles. I'm not quite sure what this will turn out to be, but you can bet it's going to be cool. And it will kick ass.

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