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Dread Templar is a fast-paced retro FPS heavily inspired by 90s classic shooters like Doom, Quake and Hexen.

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Prague, Czech Republic – March 11, 2020 – 1C Entertainment is happy to announce old-school first person shooter, Dread Templar, the new addition to the company’s line-up. Developed by the indie studio T19 Games, Dread Templar is planned to release in Early Access this Fall on PC via Steam and other digital platforms with a full release planned in 2022.

Dread Templar is a fast-paced retro FPS heavily inspired by 90s classic shooters like Doom, Quake and Hexen. The game combines elements from both eras such as fast-paced gameplay, dashing, headshots and bullet time so you can enjoy the old-school shooting in a modern way!

You are a Dread Templar seeking revenge deep in the evil realm. Explore the levels and solve puzzles to find hidden weapons and upgrades. Face hordes of demons and bloodthirsty fiends using your rich arsenal of katana swords, firearms, and infernal weapons that will make YOU the scariest thing in Hell. Gain Dread Powers and customize your skills according to your playstyle, as they will help you in your battle against the dark forces.

Key Features

  • Dread Templar uses elements from both modern retro FPS and classic shooters such as fast-paced gameplay, dashing, headshots and bullet time so you can enjoy the old-school shooting games in a modern way!
  • Customize your weapon skills to fit your own playstyle and fight against the demon hordes
  • More than 10 types of weapons in the game including katana swords, firearms and infernal guns!
  • Explore side areas and secret places, solve interesting puzzles and get rewards
  • Handmade retro art style - all elements in the game including weapons, demons, and levels are done in a retro pixel art style reminiscent of the 90s shooters

Dread Templar is planned to release via Steam Early Access in Fall 2021. For more information, wishlist the game on Steam, visit the official 1C Entertainment website or their Facebook and/or Twitter pages.

Game Information
Platform: PC
Publisher: 1C Entertainment
Developers: T19 Games
Release date: Fall 2021 (Early Access)

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Published by 1C Entertainment:
Request a review key for other games published by 1C Entertainment [REALPOLITIKS II (In Early Access), SECRET GOVERNMENT (In Early Access), WRATH: AEON OF RUIN (in Early Access), COMPANY OF CRIME, ION FURY, STYGIAN: REIGN OF THE OLD ONES, FELL SEAL: ARBITER’S MARK, DEEP SKY DERELICTS, ANCESTORS LEGACY] via email at pr@1cpublishing.eu

About 1C Entertainment
1C Entertainment is an international group with offices located in Warsaw, Gdansk, Prague, Budapest and Moscow and operating in the segments of game production, distribution and services for video game developers. The company releases video games for all platforms through its global network of partners digitally and in retail.

1C Entertainment has successfully launched over 100 game titles including critically acclaimed series - IL-2 Sturmovik, King’s Bounty, Men of War and Space Rangers. Recent releases include such games as Ancestors Legacy, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, Ion Fury and Deep Sky Derelicts. For more information about 1C Entertainment and their games, please visit the official 1C Entertainment website.

About T19 Games
T19 Games is an independent boutique game development studio. We focus on retro games with a contemporary twist, specializing in first-person shooter games. Dread Templar is our first release. We are passionate and devoted to developing great games for retro games fans.

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David Balšánek | George Mamakos
1C Entertainment


This Game looks so awesome! 🙀

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So, i see this is the next reiteration of the game previously known
as "Hellhunt". Well, i'll definitely stand by this one. Currently it
is the best classic-style FPS in making. No need to take my word for
it: Hellhunt has a demo available, check it out.

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Can a brotha get a key?

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Wow, looks awesome. Wish-listed! ;)

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