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Hello) It's my first article about my Global Game Jam puzzle on IndieDB.

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Hi! Nice to meet you here)

Did you have such a thing that you wake up after booze and can’t remember what happened last night? I didn’t, but our hero Olaf ... With unenviable regularity, he wakes up in a dilapidated house and tries to remember how he did it. Your task as a player is to restore the hero’s path from the bed to the front door, visiting each destroyed item only once.

Now game has 5 levels and one extra mechanic - axe is required to destroy large objects. I fixed some bugs in two weeks, did refactor of level loading, fixed animations and depth sort.

I will add new one mechanic, world map and level selector soon. Also I would like to create level editor, to allow users to create levels.

You can check nightly build here: Vmikhav.itch.io



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