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This demo was featured at the gaming expo known as Free Play Florida. This is Pre-Alpha gameplay of O'ink featuring a slew of different platforming challenges and unique enemies! The game is still relatively early on in development, any and all feedback is much appreciated!

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That's a wrap on the event!

Over the weekend we attended Free Play Florida, a gaming Expo in Orlando, Florida. It was here that we showed off the first public demo of O'ink. We had just under two hundred people test the game out and provide valuable feedback. Rest assured, I have pages and pages of things to correct and work on! It was a great experience to collect feedback and meet great folks! The gameplay demo video is below. Additionally, it can be downloaded under the "files" section of our page.

What we've been up to since August

As the event was approaching, all hands were on deck in preparation for the demo. We wanted it to be as solid as possible. Here's some of what was done....

  • Sculpted 42 different cave formations to complete the level
  • Created over a dozen pieces of vegetation
  • Modeled over ten varieties of rocks
  • Added particle effect indicators for slammable and chargeable objects.
  • Added more generous spawns around the map
  • Added fifteen new sound effects, including Max's Slam and Charge ability sound effects and Miner Mouse attack and death effects
  • Eight new concept art pieces
  • Two new soundtracks for the game
  • Added moving platforms to enhance the gameplay
  • Added the swingable rope to be an actual rope this time, and for it to sync with Max's swing animation
  • Added weak platforms
  • Added retractable spikes that can stab you
  • Created twenty-six environmental objects
  • Added truffle-on-kill rewards for defeating enemies.
  • Refined minor pigs attacks

And much, much more!

Thank you to everyone who played the game and gave incredibly valuable feedback. It's because of everyone's collective help that we'll make sure this game is as perfect as can be.

Additionally, we are gearing up to launch a twitter, Patreon, and single donation option for those who want to support the games continued development.

That's it for now, all!

Be sure to check out our youtube channel for game footage and information! You can do so by clicking here.

Download: Click here to download the event demo!

Click here to see the last update!


-The Crew

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