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Introducing my new game Viral Vigor!!! If only getting sick was this fun and cute...

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Alright guys! Just wanted to take a minute and introduce my new project that I'm calling Viral Vigor!!!

I'm a huge fan of the shmup genre and have been wanting to put my own spin on it for awhile but haven't found an idea I want to carry all the way to the market until now. (Specifically PC & Android for the time being)

Anyways, the objective is to keep the anti-hero virus (awesome name to be determined) alive by protecting and guiding it as it infects other microorganisms and travels down the circulatory system to the vital organs of it's victim.

Gameplay will essentially consist of pushing the player's viruses around to navigate obstacles, baddies, and projectiles while touching anywhere else on screen designates all the friendly viruses to fire at that point. Certain baddies have a chance of becoming infected which results in them becoming a friendly virus upon death. I plan to make the game extremely chaotic and constantly culling viruses in one way or another to complement this mechanic. Also I'm making full use of Unity3D's physic's engine for a more dynamic shmup experience. Players will be able to fire and protect themselves with barrages or knock clumsy but tough enemies around.

So far I've gotten most of the game's foundation in place including the AI's basic steering and firing behavior. Working on a dynamic wall system at the moment that can be used to change the environment around during gameplay and then I plan to set up a random spawn system that will use enemy group templates to keep the player constantly guessing.

That's about all I have to share at the moment. Thanks for reading and check out the video if you want to see my current progress in action.

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