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The Hall of Fame for Daily Chthonicle now has a permanent and final location.

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The new, updated page can be found at: Daily Chthonicle Hall of Fame.

The design of the page is not final, but most of the functionality is there. The main page offers Top 5 for all campaigns (the regular game and all four skirmish games) in each category (Easy, Medium and Hard). Clicking on board headlines will take you to separate campaign board with all the results.

The game now also offers the player to send the showcase cards along with the score. To do so, simply click "Showcase" instead of "Ok" in the score post dialog box. The dialog box only appears after the game window is closed, and only if at least one chapter had been completed.

Of course in order to be able to send the showcase package, the archive needs to be unlocked first. Not to allow the game to save any files without permission, the archive folder is initially named "rename to archive". Renaming it to "archive" will allow the game to save the encounter cards (or any other that you chose by hovering the mouse over it and pressing the 'S" key) for the present game. This folder will then be zipped as "showcase.zip" and sent over to the game.

The contents of the "archive" folder are deleted each time the game is started to allow for a new batch of cards.

To access a showcase on the hiscore board, simply click on the yes/no "Completed" flag next to the score result.

Here is an example showcase: Yog Sothoth Skirmish Showcase.


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