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I decided after about 8 months it wouldn't hurt to open up to some people who might be equally passionate about the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

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The goal is to make a truly "Hardcore RPG" (Harpy) True to the idea of coming as close as possible to replicating pen and paper games. Idea is to be bold with choices. Every thing you choose from skills to political decisions change the game to it's very core, making two different play throughs play like an entirely different game.

An inventory, NPC Dialogue, NPC Trade, Items, Projectile Weapons, Consumables, Encumberance system is already complete. (lightly open source code from another creator)

Quest/Journal updates. Waypoints. Compass. Implemented. (Open source code from another creator)

The world as a whole is already complete, between auto material, modular assets, and instances, world building is very easy.

Stats, XP, and level math is already complete for stamina, health, magic.

Priority list currently

  • Melee Combat system
  • Modular Armor/Clothing system
  • Skill unlocks
  • NPC routines
  • Horses/Other

So please if you use unreal, or only learning and want to join in on this asset grind, or even if you just want to follow it's progress, join the now existent Project Harpy discord.


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