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Learn about our "Company Leveling System" and how we turned Jump or Fall into an RPG like character in this post.

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If you somehow got yourself on this page chances are you have also noticed weird icons on Jump Or Fall website, Facebook, IndieDB, Twitter and the like. Those images so proudly displayed on our banners are actually part of (to my knowledge one of a kind) “Company Leveling System”. That’s right, we decided to turn Jump Or Fall into an RPG like character and show the whole company progress to all the wide world. If I may have a moment of your time I will explain how it all works.

It’s much like leveling system in role playing games. There are objectives (quests) completing which gives experience points (XP). Experience will increase company level which in turn unlocks perks. Those are special bonuses Jump Or Fall team will earn when gaining new level. Lets take a closer look at this.

  1. Our company logo, sort of avatar for Jump or Fall.
  2. There is company level, this reflects how far we have come and it will increase as we gain experience by completing objectives.
  3. Current progress towards next level, just like in RPG games.
  4. Perks are bonuses team will earn when we gain new level, reward for all the hard work. We will share pictures when we use up perks ^^
  5. Now this is most important part, each company should have objectives (quests), be it releasing a game, making first million $, finding more awesome people who enjoy our games or exploring new gaming platforms. Completing objectives is an important milestone for the company and it will earn us experience points (XP).

And you can help us complete objectives! Become watcher of our games, like our page on Facebook & follow us on Twitter.

The most awesome thing about indie game development is amazing community of people who love video games and want to be part of the process behind their creation. Being indie means we don’t have to hide behind corporate regulations and set artificial boundaries, we can be open and honest to you and show progress on our games and progress of Jump Or fall. We are damn sure to make use of this amazing opportunity. You can track the progress of our games through dev diaries and W.I.P. screens and you can see where Jump Or Fall stands by looking at the objectives.

We are now at the beginning of our path and there is a lot to do and lot to accomplish but we work hard and put our very souls in our work. There is perhaps a long journey ahead but we hope it will be an interesting one and that you will share it with us.

Cheers !


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