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How I've experienced Oculus Rift VR and my first impressions about it.

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When we received Oculus Rift last week I was a bit skeptical about it, "yeah we had VR 10-15 year ago and here's another iteration, probably it would not work as well.."

With this mind I plugged it and then, here's my post few hours later:

"I’ve spent last 3-4 hours with all kinds of demos and games that support Oculus Rift VR Goggles. I cannot explain how great experience this was for me! I do not care that dev kit is low res, or whatever other reviews going to say, or will it get big install base or not, this is awesome!!! When you physically feel every movement, every motion and your body reacts naturally, this cannot be done on FLAT screens or only using 3D glasses. You put goggles and you ARE there, just like that! THIS is next level, this is HUGE leap, I'm sitting now and imagining all potential use of this technology, it’s endless! I was a dragon, and it felt like dragon flying from high sky and fry down enemies, I was spacepilot and I was on Moon piloting lunar module, I was chasing music waves in space and time!!! There will be ppl who will feel bad after putting VR goggles, but this is normal, I recall how many were complaining after releasing DOOM! I truly believe we are at the edge of revolution in PC Gaming and VR applications."

With GameConnection Europe 2013, Paris in few days I decided to bring Oculus with us and demo it at our booth. That was RIGHT decision. We had an live queue almost all time, and all kind of emotions ! It was amazing, so my question "if this worth to invest time and integrate Oculus Rift VR Goggles support in our next game or not" was off the table ! YES YES 1000 times YES !

You can see rest here:


You cannot fake THIS !

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