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Orc Isles,More items,more quests more everything coming soon...

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October 2018 Dev Log

I have currently been working on the next big update for Veridian... The Orc Isles! This is exciting for me since it felt like awhile before I finally got the rest of the game to look and act how it should. Now I can move on and add more content! Which will mean A whole new area,more items, more quests and more story...

This doesn't mean I won't go back and tweak, fix and even add more things to the other areas since I am working on this new area. I'm going to be adding some story elements to kind of link things together such as NPCs and books that you may find to give back story to the Orc Isles so be on the look out for that.

The goal is pushing this update out around January maybe earlier, maybe later since I am currently a one man crew and it's a lot of work for one person on top of going to college and work.

On that note... Eye Candy for the first map which is a work in progress but I feel I found a style for the Orc Isles that I like.

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