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After some time, we are back on the info track! Read on to check what have we been up to.. or skip to the gallery section to see the results of our work ;)

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Hello world!

First of all, we have to apologize for going dark in the last weeks and months – and we definitely owe you some explanation, as well as bits of information about how is the project evolving.

In case youre only interested to

see some "pictures", feel free to skip into the gallery; today, were showing off the results of our work on the first areas of the game. Let us know what you think!

Now.. if you dont mind reading, sit back comfortably, as this is probably going to end up as a biggie..

The tech switch we made in March brought many new possibilities, but probably even more challenges. We rebuilt the whole core engine of the game and most of the tools we use. It was always obvious that software flash is just.. well.. "slow" – and though it worked for us, we grew tired of all the shortcomings and compromises that accompanied us along the way.

It was also clear that we would have to do something about it in the future no matter what - so we jumped the train.
As of now, we’re very happy with how things turned out. The greatest benefit of it all is the performance boost, which allowes us to have basically all the things we had to neglect with the older tech, especially on mobile devices. And yeah, it took a lot of time and sleepless nights. But in the end, we hope that noone will remember if we were late – as long as the game is fun.

Most of the things we worked on in the last couple of months are in an alpha stage. The first few levels are playable and fun. We obviously live in a huge swarm of bugs that we work hard to smash before putting it out, but we’re getting closer every day.

It’s nice to see that the world of Nyrthos is breathing. We always wanted to provide players with more stuff than just killing monsters and leveling (although, you will enjoy a huge deal of it in Nyrthos), and that’s where most of our energy is being poured into during this summer.

So.. to be more clear.. we have a night/day cycle and a weather system. You can search the world for stuff more safely during the days, but beware the nightfall, when the darkness creeps out. Different monsters are active based on the times of the day, with different strengths and weaknesses. Noone wants to find himself deep in the woods after the sunset.. and during the storm, things get even more intense. But what if you need to collect worms that come out of the ground only when the moon is up? Better be prepared..

As soon as you get these worms (and you have the skill to fish and have a fishing rod crafted), you can go fishing to the river. When you cook them on a fire, they become a great source of energy. And hey, did you find a rare yellow worm? Good for you. If you can somehow reach that secred pond between the mountains, the one that the old fisherman told you stories about, you might be lucky enough to catch the fabled pike with huge scales.. these can be useful when crafting a new powerful armor..

We really like the exploration concept of the game and hope to make things interesting; mindless grinding for gear is definitely fun if done right, but there are others doing it pretty well (hey D3?). We don’t rely on it and hope to add some flavour so it won’t get dull immidiately.

Now, let’s move on to the last part, which will hopefully shed some lights on our release plans.

There is no point in rushing things, and we are pretty sure that getting Nyrthos to the bug-free and "polished" state will take us probably at least some more months. Still, we really really want to share it with you as soon as possible, and that’s why we’re thinking about some form of a pre-alpha/preorder release. It seems to be the way to go these days. It might not be completely free to enter, but at this stage, we will definitely provide some form of a grace period to people that registered for the beta as a little thank you – so in case you didn’t register, make up for it before it’s too late!

In case you have any more questions and/or ideas, feel free to let us know. We definitely hope to hear/read what you guys think.

Best of all!
Nyrthos dev team

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