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After a long time in development, we decided to release a first public version of Nyrthos. What a moment for a lousy indie dev? Take a trip inside our heads. You‘re welcome!

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So.. it has begun.

The game now looks and works much better than we have ever imagined. It might sound weird to some of you (concerning the amount of bugs and unpolished parts that are still present), but most of the issues and imperfections we now have to deal with are pretty minor when compared to the swarm of evil that surrounded us during (and after) our fist technology demo. We keep going.

And when I look back, it feels like a really long way. We are still a two-man army battling the world of the impossible.

As you might recall, we planned to use the "alpha-funding" for Nyrthos; the idea of people donating a small sum to get into the unfinished version really stroke our attention; and sounded fair for both sides. But there were always obstacles on the way - and the biggest of them might be surprising for some of you; it was ourselves.

We always felt, and I still feel, that the game is not ready. It's so easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of doubts.
The gameplay time is too short. The characters need to be redone ASAP. The GUI sucks in so many cases. There are too many drawcalls. This or that just doesn't feel right. Oh, and this is just dreadful and we have to do something about it.

We kept forgetting that we wanted to release the game in an alpha stage, and worked on fixing and adding features because they were promised in the beginning. In some cases, we succeeded. In other cases, we are determined to succeed in the future.

There had to be a moment when we, and by "we" I mean mostly "I", will stop thinking about what went wrong and what is wrong, and start thinking about what is right and what can be tried out and enjoyed by our "future" players. There are endless doubts, but anyway, the moment has come. We have to let our creation out of the door, and brace ourself for what's to come.

Long story short - Nyrthos is being kicked out of the door.

I'd like to say - "be easy on us"! But on the other hand, this is the first time we're actually willing to take your money. Now that is a commitement. It's your call. We will release the basic, "tested" version of the game for you to experience, and to judge for yourself. In case you like what we do and see the potential in Nyrthos, go ahead and support our cause. Most importantly, we'll see that our endless work makes sense for someone else than us two. Secondly, we'll finally have something to eat.

You will be able to buy the "Nyrthos Gold" account, that works basically like the promised alpha version - more levels, developer features, and a handful of simple perks that will serve as a great "THANK YOU" to all of you who decide to give us a go. We will expand Nyrthos Gold features as time goes by, of that you can be sure. Please, stick with us. As I said earlier, and as, hopefully, our testers that witnessed the changes in the last couple of months would say - we're getting there.

In case you don't want to invest the whole "Nyrthos Gold" sum at once and have some facebook credits to spare, you can also buy the in-game currency for real money that will allow you to get most of the items that are available in the actual game. We're not going the P2W route, and you can still get, and you will most likely will always be able to get, everything just by playing the game. But it's the second way to show us that you care.

I guess that's about it. This moment is exciting and very frightening at the same time. Let's do this!

We began sending e-mails with login information. They‘re coming out based on the order of the alpha applications and the process will go on for weeks, so please, be patient in case you didn‘t get yours yet.

In case you would like to access the game and didn‘t apply for the past alpha, you can still do so here - Nyrthos.com

Martin Jelinek
BeerDeer Games


Woohoo, finally got myself into this game! Thanks for mail! ;D

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