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Seventh Nucleotide development diary is here! :D This week I worked on water surface physics, check it out.

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Seventh Nucleotide development diary is here! :D This week I worked on water surface physics, check it out.
As always, I'm talking about development progress from the last development diary.
If for some reason you aren't able to watch it, you can find the transcript underneath.

Hello there! My name is Ivan Mandić, but you may call me iVan.Welcome to the seventh Nucleotide game development diary!This development diary covers the progress of the game Nucleotide.Each episode number corresponds to the number of dev weeks that are behind us.But, you already knew that, right? So, why am I even bothering?Do any of you remember the first development diary, where I showed the water physics implementation?This week I started working on the implementation of water surface physics.Since I'm still using the free version of Unity, the shader isn't the best, but as you can see, this looks pretty amazing.Water behaves as you would imagine, and everything runs pretty fast. The number of splashes per frame isn't affecting the frame rate, and that allows me to simulate rain pretty easily while moving this red ball around at the same time.This is far from done, and will require a week or two before I can put it in the game.So, did you like this video? Yes? Than click the "Like" button,and, share it with your friends, maybe they will like it as well.If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions,you can leave them in the comments section.If you're not subscribed, subscribe, because it really helps us.And, we make at least one video every week.Also, we have a Facebook fan page, google+ fan page, and twitter account(@FrozenPixel). You can find those in the description of the video.Thank you for watching, see you soon. Bye!

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