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Pardon our enthusiasm, but we hope you’ll be as rabid about Nuclear Dawn as we are, after sampling the new media, and soaking up the first official fact sheet for the commercial version of this long-awaited title.

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Gamers of the world, A new dawn is rising! Nuclear Dawn is the online multiplayer shooting game we’ve always wanted to play, and are finally getting a chance to make. Through endless hours spent coding, modelling and designing its futuristic war-torn landscapes from the world’s capitals and cities, every line and pixel of this game is, above all, a labour of love and dedication to making a better class of game.

With truly ground-breaking gameplay that takes the best of RTS and FPS games, and a wide array of true tactical options available to all levels of players, from seasoned generals to clueless grunts, Nuclear Dawn’s sights and sounds are produced in the world’s most popular gaming engine, backed up by some of the world’s most seasoned and talented veterans.

Keep an eye out on www.nucleardawnthegame.com for regular developer blogs, press updates, new material and interviews.

Be prepared, war is coming.
InterWave Studios.

Bon. - - 172 comments

Absolutely fantastic I cannot wait!

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Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

Wow... Just amazing I really hope this turns out good!

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SlyFlySpyGuy - - 548 comments

turns out well*...sheesh...j/k j/k j/k...I'M JOKING!!!

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paranoidMonkey - - 31 comments

sweet :)

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Praz - - 893 comments

I think I liked the features ( the fire burning with words ) more than the gameplay footage you guys showed.

It only showed people running around with crazy camera effects?

However, the models you do have do look nice, so keep up the same production values.

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tcviper - - 12 comments

This is a teaser of the product in Alpha. Its purpose is to show production values, the fact that the game is working and doing so well, as well as giving a hint of the direction we're going into for style and art.

The full trailer, coming in 2010, will show more gameplay footage than you can handle!

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments


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SneakySoft - - 340 comments

watching :)

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iwBen Author
iwBen - - 30 comments

For the full 720p version of the teaser, please visit Youtube.com - at least until the ModDb Team implement HD video!

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Orion - - 587 comments

HD Video support was implemented here a few months ago. If you are experiencing problems when uploading, contact Henley for support.


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VulpineComplex - - 401 comments

Not a fan of the shaky cam, at all. Though the four seconds of the mod I COULD see looked pretty good.

Also, "Modern Combat Rising"? That really sounds like "Next Generation Game Title Madlibs"

<Era> <Action> <Verb>

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KindredPhantom - - 290 comments

Looks pretty good. Just a teaser though, at least indicating the game is alive and well and work is progressing on it.

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cheesemoo0 - - 263 comments

Glad to see this is still coming along.

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Masterhobbes - - 139 comments

Kinda sad that I stopped watching this mod months ago after following it for 2 years.

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Ennui - - 419 comments

Pretty fail trailer tbh. It's all CRISP SPECIAL EFFECTS TITLES and INTENSE SHAKYCAM/IMAGE DISTORTION and no gameplay. The shakycam is annoying and way, way overdone and the only "gameplay" we see is a bunch of dudes walking around. SWEET. I can't wait to play!

Seriously, why release a teaser at all if you're not going to bother making it worth 30 seconds of my time to watch? I hate to be negative but I'm being totally honest here.

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Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

The shaky cam took away from the trailer quite a bit.

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Elementalist - - 732 comments

It's... A teaser. TEASE.

Am I the only one who saw the Assassin's Creed 2 TEASER that people drooled so much over? Boy, lots of you must've been ****** at that.

I'll agree, it didn't really show anything that fascinating, and could have been done better, but I do think some people here are expecting too much from, again, a teaser.

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Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

No need to go on the defensive. No one is complaining that it is a "TEASER". The issue is the style the teaser was done in. Nearly everything is wasted on the fact that the screen won't stop shaking all over the place.

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Crudebloodybird - - 66 comments

I love you.

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NightSage - - 644 comments

This is the best trailer ever, posted on the best mod site ever, by the best PR team the world has ever seen, in the best network, communication has ever known, on the best planet that could ever contain such a network, in the best solar system that could ever contain such a planet, in the best universe that could exist in any reality, in the best dimension any dimension could hope to emulate!


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Orion - - 587 comments

You skipped 'Galaxy' XD

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D3@DM4N - - 854 comments

im sorry i know im going to get neg karma on this but,

you guys sold out. this was supposed to be a free mod, but im one of the fans who said, looks like a neat concept but i am in no way gonna fork over any amount $$$ for it.

i was real disappointed to see you guys go on the market.

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RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Nice video, and no offence, but it does not look any better than the plethora of other multi-player shooters out there at the moment or those just released. Looks like a mix of some of the other so so MPS's. Show us something that separates you from the gaggle out there... and I will get creamed karma wise for making this statement.

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smurfbizkit - - 526 comments

The team didn't just "sell out" they literally sold the entire mod to another developer. This isn't the same team, and it shows.

I'd LOVE to hear how much they sold the mod for, and how much the team members actually got.

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spaqin - - 124 comments

Stalker with jetpacks and sentries?
But I think I'm not going to buy it, because AFAIK ND was supposed to be free mod...

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Wills - - 381 comments

Ground control to MajorC4...

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cW#Ravenblood - - 6,703 comments


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KingJones - - 383 comments

Beautiful :D

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Seldoon182 - - 42 comments

Omfg the level-design looks lame as hell... Is it really a commercial product?

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Splinesplitter - - 301 comments

Corpulent sci-fi, nice mapping. Gonna buy. By the way, will there be a demo?

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