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An early teaser trailer has been released, as well as the start of NPC's! Please check it out! I would love your feedback!

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Here is the offical EARLY teaser trailer, which showcases the main combat, armour types, and a few of the skills.

things will be changed and added! This is just a demo of what it will most likely look like when it's finished, but nothing seen should be considered final.

It does NOT showcase the NPC's or any of the storyline, which will both be a BIG factor in the game.

PLEASE leave feedback! I would LOVE to know what you currently think, and would could be added or improved! Thanks.


Currently, there is just chat. but it works wonderfully!

Talking to NPC's is as easy as walking up to them. To end the conversation, you simple walk away. This is a perfect way to talk to NPC's without taking the player out of the game.

This system works wonderfully, because if the player is just walking through a busy city, as they walk past NPC's they will be able to hear their conversations, or pick up bits of lore. It works extremely smooth and simply, and is the key to developing the intense storyline in Medieval magic. This is just the start of the world coming to life.

Demo Video!

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