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NPC movement and waypoint placement. NPC navigation including jumping to reach higher locations in the world and traversing hills.

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Here is a video demonstrating the NPC movement in Vox:

At the moment, in the video shown above, there is manual placement of NPC waypoints and the NPC attempts to navigate to the waypoint. Eventually NPCs will have their own AI behaviours and be capable of doing tasks automatically such as:

  • Navigating to a certain point in the world.
  • Following the player.
  • Mining tunnels and caves.
  • Mining for ore and searching for treasure below the surface of the world.
  • Building structures, such as houses and other buildings.
  • Getting out of ditches and holes in the world.
  • Attacking monsters in the world.
  • Defending a certain location in the world. i.e a village at night.
  • Co-op questing with the player. Bring your own NPCs when you venture into the harsh world to quest and kill monsters.

Autonomous NPCs and AI behaviours will be a big part of making the Vox world come alive and feel like a vibrant and exciting world to explore and live in!

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