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With NPC dialog code started, and more voxel models created, progress is picking up steam.

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So I've finally got around to implementing the message system for dialog between player and NPC, currently it has one dialog per interaction, and is setup so that NPCs can have unique names and dialog.This also means back to work on my multipurpose sprite sheet, which contains all the layers of clothing, hair, accessories used to make the characters.

The base character was a template I found online, but had to create clothes and hair for them.Also much more voxel models have been added since the demo, now a total of 158 3d pixel objects. Street signs and house furniture being the most recent additions.I've created a sofa, bed and recliner set, so now I've gone back through levels and removed beds that were made out of the level. This greatly reduces the use of walls, which is limited, with sprites, which has a huge limit I will never meet.With the first obstacle , message system, halfway done, it becomes easier to get things done. I still need to refine it more, making some NPCs react to drawn weapons, and flags to let the game know if you're going around assaulting/murdering innocent people.Acting badly can lead to in-game termination, but I'm planning on expanding the game to allow the player to go traitor and join the unknown enemy.

Still more maps to make as well as complete, but my latest screenshots are of the sunken city level, which is getting there but has a ton of places to work on.

I've still need to create the markets and finish a few office building interiors. Some areas are tricky do to half the buildings being under water, there's several instances of stairways being only half flooded, or watery floors.

Soon I'm going to have to expand the enemy base as well as finish a few that are just mockup sprites at the moment. Some new weapons are needed too, but I haven't thought of any clever replacements yet.

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