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Here comes some Surprise Sprite Action! Surprisingly fun to draw them. Surprisingly fun to blast them into bits.

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Since my models haven't got much attention here or anywhere.. I haven't got much motivation to continue them.. so here comes some Sprite Action!

The sprites aren't exactly animated, they just have Alive, Death and Gib frames on all angles. I don't think it's really necessary to have much animation. If you have time to look at them if their arms or legs move, then the game is too easy. In the videos I was playing at the currently hardest difficulty (maybe the double ammo doesn't fit there anymore?).

About the difficulty levels... at the moment they change enemy movement & missile speeds, and how often the enemies attack. I was thinking every setting could be adjusted/customized separately from each other. I guess there could be some presets too.

The jumping/flying could be limited a bit, so there would be some stamina/energy for it, or be like the special powers in Abuse: only have 1 at a time, use as much as you like, level change remove it. So there could be some other powers too.

It's using a custom version of Chocolate Doom. At the moment my code changes are bit messy/experimental, and is partially using Dehacked, but maybe that part is totally unnecessary. I had thought of adding some other than gameplay changes too, but I understand nothing about the rendering parts of the code... Maybe I'll try that stuff again sometime later.

Also I think I won't try to sell this anymore if I ever get this complete. So maybe I'll put together some playable demo sometime soon.

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