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Today marks a significant milestone for our project. We finally have enough of the game completed that we feel now is an appropriate time to release an Alpha Demo to you, the public.

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The Alpha Demo can be found in our 'Downloads' section. It weighs in at just under 80MB, which is slightly larger than anticipated, but we think it's worth it!

Alpha Release Alpha Release

This version of the game contains the following:

  • Over 60 areas to explore.
  • 4 full quests to complete.
  • 15 unique NPCs to talk to.
  • ... and plenty of bugs!

This should work on all Windows PCs and Laptop, but good performance is not guaranteed as it has only been tested on one High-End machine. Unfortunately the game is not yet moddable, but the full version will be. A ReadMe file has been included to help you learn how to play the game.

Hummus - - 36 comments

I always wanted to play a RPG maker game... I think I'll try it out.

Edit: A heavily modified engine, you said? Must try!

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treat - - 118 comments

is there anything that makes this special?

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Dragonlord - - 1,934 comments

2D graphics and high-end machine only? Sounds a bit steep. 2D should not require a high-end machine to work.

Nevertheless I might give it a try... that is if Wine can cope with it :P

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Afnopo - - 1,253 comments

Even though it was an alpha, the classic 8-bit graphics with those new shadow effects look really interesting. I can't say anything about the game play since this is only an alpha.

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NullSoldier - - 973 comments

Looks very nice for an RPGMaker game. Your maps look pretty neat, and your overall polish to take away the feel of a premade RPGMaker game is exremely notable. I suggest everyone give this a try and download it.

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DuckSauce - - 969 comments

I think I've encounterd a bug :P

I doubt I'm supposed to be able to get there lol, I can't get out of that Inn or whatever it is either :(

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Betelgeuze - - 872 comments

any plans for a mac version?

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BeelzebossErik - - 194 comments

Some thingsf from me:
- I entered the tavern but couldnt leave, also i could step through every tile, even walls.
-Walking speed is a bit slow
Also you shouldnt realease a version that doesnt even feature enemies.
What saw apart from the nice shadows was pretty generic RPG Xp stuff...

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