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November has come, but the battlefields are still hot. Exotankers, we are in a hurry to introduce you to the update, which brought several interesting innovations to the game.

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промышленная зона 1600900

- New Control beacons mode

The weather on Mars is - 81 Fahrenheit, but that will not stop the Confederation, which is stubbornly resisting the Syndicate onslaught. The forces are weakening; the reserves are running out, which means it's time to call your allies for help. It's time to activate the beacons to send the encrypted signal for help. The Syndicate is not ready to surrender its positions and will stubbornly try to seize territory, not allowing sending messages to the Confederates.

The players' task is to stubbornly keep the beacons defense, not allowing the enemies to penetrate into its territory, that is, to defend the positions, sweeping out the enemy.

To get into the mode, the player just needs to start the game: now the players are randomly assigned to either Capture or Beacon Control mode.

Are you ready to protect your allies? Feel free to go to battle!

- New Old Man tank


The updated Old Man tank will be able to help the Confederates defend the Two beacons territory. Its name speaks for itself. The PZ-4 Old Man is a heavy weight defender, the slowest tank in the game, but his indestructible frontal armor and massive damage ability make up for this disadvantage. This tank is also a tribute to the tanks of the past. The famous private inventor Sergei Tokarev assembled the first model of this Exotank in his underground workshop. Tokarev has personal accounts with the Confederation, so immediately after the test run he handed over the Old Man drawings to Cyber-Siren, a well-known Syndicate's agent. Within a couple of months, the new Exotank defended the Syndicate's positions at the Sea of Shadows, the effectiveness of such defense increased many times over. Despite the outdated design, this Exotank has the most modern armor and hardware. The robot operator can both execute the pilot's commands and make independent decisions. The Old man is able to withstand the most violent enemy attack.

  • The tank can be purchased in the hangar.
  • The tank is able to penetrate the enemies armor, stop them, and accelerate for a short time.

- Introduction of the first portraits series.

For those who like to emphasize their individuality, we have prepared a series of portraits - Avatars. To select a portrait, go to the hangar and go to the Portraits menu.

- Redesigned hangar UI, tanks collections, camouflages and emblems.

The work on the new interface is completed. All functionality is preserved, you can simply buy new images and emblems.

- Changed the system for boosting tanks during the battle.


  • Each tank has five ranks. You will receive capability upgrades at two and four rank. At rank three and five, the strength of your Exotank increases.
  • The system of gaining experience has changed. You get experience for killing and assisting in killing, for capturing points and beacons.
  • Now the ultimate ability becomes available to tanks ranging from rank 2.

- Disabled ranked battles.

Conquering the ranks peaks, the players showed their Exotanker capabilities and left many comments. We are grateful to all of you for your feedback. Updated and improved ranked battles will delight you in the future. We hope that you will have even more inspiration to conquer the top of the rankings.

- Fixed a number of bugs and errors.

See you in the battles on the Martian expanses!)

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