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This is the first of the new Development blogs I will be doing! Will be creating a read out version and uploading it to my YouTube channel after this is posted so be sure to check that out, as it will contain a bit of teaser game-play!

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With the remaster move of the mod going well, I plan to begin doing some Development Blogs, most likely monthly. The mod development has gone well lately and I am quite pleased with how it's turning out!

Current Progress:

The progress as of right now has been moving at a reasonably fast pace, all things considered! I have created 2 puzzles already, and have begun the build-up to the first enemy the player will encounter! No spoilers will be given, but I am quite happy with it all.

Image: The player characters study, located in the first level of the custom story.

As many of you know, modding is NOT a fast paced process, so the phrase progress is moving at a reasonably fast pace is a relative statement. Also, life factors have begun to fill more of my schedule, as I am taking online courses, working on this project, and trying to live a life at the same time, therefor, time is consumed quickly.

I have created 2 puzzles, one in the Players cellar, and one in the work in progress Complex Outside area, and I plan to make more puzzles. This mod is going to be very much focused on story, but game-play will be prominent too.

I have begun the build-up to the reveal of one of the hostile characters, there will be NO monsters in this mod per say, but there will be enemies to avoid. My challenge with this mod will be to create a feeling of tension without using inhuman creatures.

Future Plans:

I have tons of plans for the future, One thing I plan to do it create an engaging story, in which the player will hopefully feel the emotions of the main protagonist. I have a few ideas for how to do this and I have worked out the map for the full story.

Image: Main Protagonists bedroom, where the player will spawn at the beginning of the custom story

I have planned to create an engaging story, in 8 chapters, for this mod. One of my main challenges is going to be to make sure the player can feel the emotions of the main protagonist, whether it be sadness or empathy for the main protagonist or anger towards a character felt by the main protagonist(a tiny bit of a teaser)

Another thing I plan to do is give each of the 8 chapters an emotional theme, besides the horror of a horror game, the emotional theme for the story-line. For example, Chapter 1's theme is Confusion/Uncertainty demonstrated by the backstory in the form of flashbacks and diaries, and through the events of the present as you are unsure what the plans of the Order are. This is some of the examples of how I am writing and mapping out the story.

That's it for this months update! Will see you in the next update!

- Matt(Mod Creator)

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