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This mod is a product of my imagination and of my available resources. Some things are historically inspired, but this setting is highly fictional and many things are anachronistic. This setting does not follow particular events or time frames, as I said it is a fictional mix of events, equipment and cultures

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I am making this article in order to prevent possible issues or questions regarding the mod.

1. The game setting is highly fictional, some events and cultures are inspired from historical events and factions but everything is a mix.

2 You will still see native items into stores, buy them if you want to, it's your call

3 Those strange companions are part of a submod which is used by the base module, it seems their dialogue is bugged and i didnt recruit them so far, do it on your own risk.

4 The player faction is designed to be the Calradic Faction (based on Rome) , for the sake of the lore their equipment cannot be changed.

5 The northern Empire is a mix of Germanic and Roman units and equipment. It features a fictional WRE, right after the fall, I repeat, it's reimagined, I do not respect any equipment or event canon in this mod.

6 Tips for newcomers : build a fort, store your troops there, buy land in productive towns that are safe, buy patrols every week and replenish your army fast with good troops.

7 Tournaments are still native. I am a big native fan and I kept some things the same as in pure native. I like the most the native style of the tournaments, it is a matter of chance aswell, not only skill.

8 Cataphracts are overpowered- they have strong stats ,equipment and they ride Elephants, they are suppose to be the ultimate challenge for the player, unless he decides to bcome on of their commanders.

9 Elephants are very powerfull and useful aswell, but very expensive, when you get the chance to buy or to get one, i advise you to do so : you will see why :D

10 Some stats are a bit off-balance. Some factions are stronger then others. I was never a fan of perfect balance, i always liked to have a realistic feel.

11 Basileian Phalangites :D and Hoplites , you can now form a perfect phalanx for the enemy's charges

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