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New update with trolls and a lot of other goodies!

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Hello Kakele community,

The next update is out, and as usual we wanted to let you know about the changes. We are working hard each month to try to bring you fresh stuff. Changes and new systems are complex and it takes time to implement them with quality, specially for complex games such as MMORPGs. For that reason we ask you kindly to be patient, and you are always welcome to join us on our Discord to suggest new changes.

Here are the changes and new features:

- New game servers and PvP modes. As previously announced, we are separating the servers into parallel universes. For a refresher on what will happen, read the next section.

- Additional payment method: bank transfers! But for now the bank is located in Europe and will only accept Euros. We strongly suggest Transferwise.com due to their extremely low and fair fees compared to traditional banks.

- Speaking of payments, new rules for trading Kakele Coins will be taking place, in case you haven't seen it yet: Kakele.io Ingame, click and hold in the Kakele Coins to see when your coins will be available for trading.

- Dropping items!! This is just a change to add more life to the map, and who knows maybe in the future we will have housing in Kakele? ;)

- New content: the Trolls and a Cyclops! Along with it, we are adding new cool items, such as the spellbooks! You will notice that the shields armors have increased a lot, but that doesn't mean anything because we have changed the formula for it, to be able to add spellbooks. We also have added more lore to the game, make sure to be always on the lookout for books and bookshelves!

- Adjustments to Warriors: the return spell damage was previously reduced because of a change in the last update, and now it has been raised again to the same amount. Warriors have a new spell, the 'anti-swap'. Check out the Wiki for details. The "call" spell will now put the monster under a "called" status, which means that they will not change targets for 5 seconds. Some monsters can cancel negative statuses (such as bosses), so beware of that!!

- Adjustment for Berserkers and Hunters: the AoE spells will use a bit less resources now (although, if you like AoE you should be playing with Mages or Alchemists!). Some monsters (including some high level monsters) will not be able to see invisible players anymore!

- Changes in the party experience: although polemic, we think that this is better for the game long term. For weakers monsters until about level 20, nothing changes. The party experience will start reducing after 5 players. If you have 6 players in the party, then the exp gained by each person will be 90%. 80% for 7 people, 70% for 6 and so on, until the minimum of 10%. And on top of that you must inflict at least 1 damage to receive the experience. Ah, and the slingshot only has range 2 now.

- Improvements to items that you equip: stealth rings work now! Try it out. Also, the 'haste' boots will work even without casting the haste spells! Ah, and you can also equip them using hotkeys!

- Events will be 3x more frequent! And there may be a new event too ;)

- Adjustment to quests, such as the Clan Master Tasks quest.

- Selling items to the NPCs will only be possible from the loot. Innumerous times players have accidentally sold valious items in their backpack.. Not anymore!

- Plenty of improvements to the game app and your life, such as adjustable chat window size, creatures turning to the sides to give more expression to the game and even temporary player corpses when someone dies! Oh, and have we told you that now some items will animate!?! What about that minimap zoom, and that vocation description when creating a new character!?! Just wow!

As you can see, we are still working hard to make Kakele the best we can, and we are just as excited as you for what will come.

New Servers

First, make sure you familiarize yourself with the new PvP modes: Kakele.io and Kakele.io

Starting from the update 2.13, all the existing servers will be merged into an Optional PvP server, and new Open PvP servers will be created. You will not be able to change servers anymore, making each server its own "parallel universe". The list of servers will be:

- europe-green: Optional PvP server. All players that stay on the current europe-1 and europe-2 servers will join this server.

- europe-yellow: NEW Open PvP server. This is a new server and everyone will start from level 1.

- north-america-lime: Optional PvP server. All players that stay on the current north-america-1 and north-america-2 servers will join this server.

- north-america-gray: NEW Open PvP server. This is a new server and everyone will start from level 1.

- south-america-blue: Optional PvP server. All players that stay on the current south-america-1 and south-america-2 servers will join this server.

- south-america-red: NEW Open PvP server. This is a new server and everyone will start from level 1.

- southeast-asia-pink: NEW Optional PvP server. This is a new server, but you will be able to transfer your current character here.

- southeast-asia-black: NEW Open PvP server. This is a new server and everyone will start from level 1.

Please beware of the location you live in, as the closer you are to the regions above, the lower your ping/lag will be! The southeast-asia servers will be opened after a couple of days from the update, and the other servers will be opened at the update. The exact time will still be announced, but please join our Discord if you want the exact exact timing as we will announce it there as well.

Ah, if you haven't yet follow us on social media, please do so by clicking on the buttons on the website right panel! Thank you! And here is a sneak peak on the trolls:

Best regards,The ViVa team

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