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Post news RSS "Norse Side Stories" DLC Available NOW + 1.4 Patch + New language!

The third (and final!) DLC for Dead In Vinland is finally available! Norse Side Stories will bring you 100 new dialogues between the secondary characters!

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Hello survivors!
This is IT! The final DLC for Dead In Vinland is finally available!


One thing that we love in games with a group of many characters is the interactions between those characters!

It's very annoying for us to see RPGs with a party of 8 people who never seem to talk to each other.

Games like the "Tales of" series handle very well those relations with the little skits that show conversations between the characters, whether it's about the main story, or about their every day life in their journey!

Even though we were happy with the dialogues with the main family in Dead In Vinland, we wanted to go even further with this new DLC, and answer the question "What could those two say to each other"


Obviously, there are characters who would have a very hard time liking each other, considering their story and their personality. However, there are characters who might find out they have more in common than they had thought...


We added nearly 100 new dialogues between the secondary characters

  • More drama!
  • 3 new romances, and 3 new endings!
  • New traits!
  • New decisions to make!

There is AT LEAST one dialogue between each secondary character! :)



New language!

Thanks to our awesome community translators Siodog and Damian, Dead In Vinland now fully supports:

  • Spanish (Latin America) - Community Translation. Thanks A LOT to Damian and Siodog!

We also want to thank our AWESOME community translators who worked hard on translating the many new dialogues in the DLC: Faera, Kerrael, Mr Orochimaru, you are the best! <3


1.4 Patch

In this 1.4 Patch, there are 2 new romances/endings with the main characters!

  • Added a dozen of new free dialogues corresponding to 2 new romances/endings
  • Tweaked the order of apparition of bosses in enemies stacks for Heodening Mode
  • Corrected some bugs inserted with the previous patch (character bio, character orders and the achievement "Nobody Will be Left Behind")

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Happy surviving!


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