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Really bad news... There won't be any monster built from scratch.

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I have very bad news for everyone: "The Otherworld" custom story won't have monsters built from scratch.

ATTENTION: This doesn't mean the monsters will be the same, I have 4-retextured monsters and 2 that could be called "new".
A monster made from scratch means making it from nothing in a 3D modelling program, texturing it, animating, etc. As the program I use doesn't export animations well, it's impossible to make a whole new monster from scratch. As I have said, I have 4 Re-Textured monsters, and 2 that could be called new:

I say "new" because the monsters are ghost-like, and they were made from a grunt. I made the default grunt texture invisible, so I had an invisible grunt. Then, I applied Billboards and particle systems, and now I have 2 ghost monsters.
Techincally the monsters aren't new, but they don't look like the original ones, so they will be quite innovating.
I have also edited some settings, so the monsters will be more lethal.

About the new feature:

This story is going to have a hunger-sleep system. The more hungry you are, the slower you will go, for example. In case you haven't eaten anything in a lot of time, (enough to die) you will die. About sleep: If you haven't slept much, you will go just a bit slower, and sanity will decrease a lot easier (plus you lose sanity if you need urgent sleep).
In case you don't sleep for a very large time, the character will fall and will sleep the necessary.

Note that all of these things won't affect when there's a monster around, adrenaline would keep a person at maximum capacity even if it was starving.

There will be rest zones along the maps (they won't be frequent, but they will be enough) where you will be completely safe and there will be food OR a bed (or both, but it's not usual).

Everything else is going very well but slow (innocent me thought in middle-august I would have it done...)

Have a nice day!


Amnesia script support is being updated, so when the new Amnesia is released, I'll probabily be able to use A machine for pigs assets and new scripts, more information here:


re-textured is still good

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Wait so... what about the giant spider?

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The_chaser Author

At first I thought it was going to work... I spent weeks trying to find a solution, but... I haven't found it yet.

Of course, there can happen something: I'm considering rigging and animating it in Maya, which would make it good for Amnesia. The thing is that I have 0 idea of maya... by the moment there isn't spider in the game, although it still takes a role in the story.

I'll consider the Maya option... hopefully I will be able to do it soon.

I apologize for the false expectations, really. However, maybe I find a way to make something even more interesting than the spider...

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