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Reworked my map engine, lifted one character to fit the viking theme, thoughts about a new focus system (hint: no focus) and a little bit of viking history.

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This week i've been working on my map engine again.

I managed to fix the remaining issues and started to port it back to the game but i noticed i was gonna lose too many handy tools from flash/NME like BitmapData manipulation, masks... So i reworked my engine and it's now Sprite based, it might not be the sexiest thing but i don't want to spend more time on it and i want to favor productivity at the moment.

So, this is the second implementation of my map engine to which i've added culling:

Next week i'll try to make this work client-side since it kinda changed the way i display stuff on my game. After that i'll add collisions server-side.

Then i'll switch my focus system to something aim-based. Right now i'm using a mmo type of focus:

But i think i want something more arcadeish, i'll give a shot anyway
I did some little experiments in the process of vikingisation of one of the character too:



I'm not satisfied yet but i wanted to get rid of that kite shield since they were not used by vikings until late.

"At the end of the Viking era, kite shields were used, shown in the photo to the left and illustrated in the Bayeux Tapestry (right). Their shape helped protect a fighter while riding on the back of a horse. However, during the Viking age, fighting was done on foot, so it seems unlikely they would have seen wide use." Source

Iron was actually mostly worn by wealthy vikings but i didn't want to remove its helm so let's say he was among the rich ones. I remade its armor into some mail-leatherish thing.
I also wanted to give a more natural situation to my rope: it was originally hanging in the water and that didn't make any sense so that's what i did:

And as you can see, this is wrong and oddly lit :D

I'll get back to that later, when core stuff will be implemented and my pixel art skills improved !



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Guess who just earned a track? You did! This looks awesome!

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