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Post news RSS NightmareZ V1.2.2 Available Directly on my website!

NightmareZ V1.2.2 has been released and is available for purchase on my website directly! You can try out the game now!

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Hello everyone,

NightmareZ has been updated to V1.2.2 with the addition of many new features! Did you want to play this game from a while? Why not get this game now directly from Developer's website? Grab a copy for yourself or your friend on My Website or on BMT Micro.

V1.2.2 brings new features like advanced Laser system and laser bots which attacks the player. Some new enemies have been introduced having powerful guns in their hands, and a giant flying bird which throws fire at player! There are also some new traps introduced which emit triangular shaped bullets which is sometimes unavoidable. Extra features like door locks, Bosses and much more!

If you have an existing version of the game on your PC, you have to remove that one and install the new updated version on your PC. I hope you will enjoy the game. More new features will be added with the future releases. While this game is available on Early Access, get a copy of the game now through my website.

Game Trailer:

Please buy this game now on my website. I am planning to put this game on Steam Greenlight soon. I will let you know when it's available on Steam for voting. Thank you.

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