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Hi,I am really glad to notify you that my game, NightmareZ, has finally been released on Steam!

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Hello everyone,

I have finally released my game, NightmareZ, on Steam store. If you were waiting for the game, you can now grab it on Steam while it's available in a Launch discount.

About the Game:

NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with multiple enemies, lots of fancy features and retro visuals. This is a retro styled platform and action game which will immerse you in a unique world full of good and evil demons and there are also different scenarios to pass through including Mountain cave, The Land of Flora, The Land of the Hell, The Core of the Hell, The land of Snow, The Dark City and The Cave of The Hell with deadly traps, formidable enemies, power ups, and secrets.

Official Launch Trailer:

Get This Game on Steam:

Key Features:

  • Completely story Driven!
  • 13 Scenarios to Play!
  • Challenging Situations and Hard to Master!
  • Find out keys to unlock and open special locked doors!
  • Wide range of equipment including Ammo, Health, and Energy Boxes!
  • Perform two powerful techniques like "The Multiple Shooting Skill" and "The Thunder Skill" along with single firing mode to destroy weak and formidable Enemies or Bosses!
  • 4 unique and powerful bosses!
  • Avoid Saws, Giant and Medium-Sized Blades. Otherwise, die for about a MILLION TIMES!

About Future Updates:

I might release a few more updates on Steam as well as on other stores. I am also in a process of making some Tutorials demonstrating especially the very difficult levels of the game.

Warning: NightmareZ is really hard and challenging! If you are into this genre and love challenges, you may want to try out this game.

Thank you.

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