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This time I'll talk about why I like to prolong creative things

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Have you ever dreamt about something that is taking a huge chunk of your life right now or was in the past? Most likely yes. Be it school, work or maybe your family. Well, I feel the same about this mod. Sometimes I feel like I have no motivation to work on it or have no ideas on what to make, then out of nowhere I have a nightmare in which I am hiding terrified from the monsters of Amnesia in a completely new, made up enviroment. Usually I try to remember as much as possible about these places which lead to many of the levels being literal dreams coming to life. The latest one is the Cellar at the very end of the Gold path that I never intended to make but I just had to beacause I liked the level in my dream so much I had to make it (you can see it here on my facebook page where I posted about it).

In development I am at the very end of both paths. Because of this dream the Gold path will be slightly longer unfortunately but will be less..."cool" I guess is the best term for it. I am still planning the boss fight in the end of the Guardian path but I am struggling with the lead up to it. The original plan was to have a bridge that is completely blocked up by goo and you would need to complete 3 puzzles to access a well (or optionally only 2 if you are clever) to clear the goo. Unfortunately I have reached the point where I'm running out of ideas for puzzles. I remade the book puzzle from the original mod with inventory items (I finally learned how to make inventory icons fast in Gimp yay). The two other puzzles were so hard for me to come up with that I decided to reduce the number of puzzles to 2 and a scary room or something. It's ironic that I was dreading the boss fight because I knew it is going to take weeks for me to make it live up to my greatest expectations and currently the biggest struggle is to get to it while I have a lot of ideas to make the boss fight real.

Also I have mastered the way to make a cheap microphone sound like a studio one so expect more voice-overs in the mod.

Interesting fact. My 2 most viewed articles posted here are the ones focusing on one single level (namely the Wine cellar and the Servant room ones) and I am trying to understand why. Maybe those were the times when people has the most free time? It's possible. It is also possible that simply they had a lot more interesting titles than when I just simply call an article "update I guess". Maybe people thought I will talk about the Wine Cellar in the base game. That would not explain the Servant room tho'.I don't know, I'm still trying to find out the cause. Maybe I'll never know. Maybe the anwser will dawn on me in years. This is my personal mystery that was bugging me for months now. Don't worry, it wasn't ever my main focus to find it out, just something to think about in my free time. Anyways. I will try to keep the November 10 release date but will extend it if needed. Until then, thank you all for following the mod, your support is the thing making this project way more exciting and scary than you could ever imagine <3


"Interesting fact. My 2 most viewed articles posted here are the ones focusing on one single level (namely the Wine cellar and the Servant room ones) and I am trying to understand why"

No they're not? They both got about 65 views which is the average of most of your articles. Also the first one (trailer) got over 200 views, so how are those 2 the most viewed?

Also it is pretty simple. The longer you take to write a new one, the more the old one remains on your mod page and gets views. It has very little with the content of them really, because once they've been opened it counts as a view, no matter if someone actually reads it.

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SuspecM Author

Okay yeah I'm dumb. I realised the stats graph shows daily views and what was bothering me was that those two articles got the most traction after publishing them. For some reason I completely forgot about all time visits. I guess title and context matters since this article is now the most viewed on ITS RELEASE DAY. Thanks for helping me solve a mystery :'D

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