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Nightmare: a game about facing your worst fears in a simulated nightmare reality. Once you’ve beaten your worst fears and your mind altered, you’ll live a life with no fear. You do not need a cure for fear, because you can overcome it yourself.

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The team for nightmare

Dear publishers and fellow game designers. We are Terribly Unique Games better known as TUG and we are working on a fantastic project that I would love to tell you about today. Without stating too much about the game, it’s about facing your worst phobias and fears, by being put in a simulated nightmare to alter your mind to not feel fear in life. You do not need a cure for fear, because you can overcome it yourself. There is much more about our project’s story on our website here!


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I am contacting fellow game designers here for support and to grow a following for our game. My name is Jack Sabato and our T.U.G team is located at the Los Angeles Film School and we are studying Video Game Production and Design. Most of us have been at this school for around 15-18 months now and we are undertaking a massive project. We are stepping out of our comfort zone to make the best game we can possibly create.

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In this school there are plenty of resources and due to being young and aspiring game designers we take all the help we can get. However, the project we are making is very huge; it’s a 3D game made in the Unreal Engine with an epic story attached to the game. In our school, the program that we are taking does not teach Unreal Engine and mainly focuses on Unity. We, as a team, are going big, and taking steps that have never been taken before. We urge many game enthusiast and game designers to look over our story / blog website along with our team website and give us honest feedback and support here.

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Stay tuned for future post to learn about our project, stay fearless my friends.

Thank you, sincerely, Jack Sabato assistant story, Jr level, blog website and marketing designer

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak content pictures for our game check it out!

Robert 01

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