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Another massive nightly! Most of the changes are to help new players including a tutorial world, a more in-depth tutorial and for the hardcore players: blind mode.

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Tutorial worlds! These worlds generate as you progress through the tutorial. The world is currently very basic and teaches you about combat and making your first tool. You then have the option of seeing the more in-depth tutorial. You can enable these worlds by clicking on the dead Relly in the world creation menu.

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Knowing how thirsty or hungry you are isn't very realistic. Neither is being told what an item is or your enemy's health. Blind mode gets rid of all that. Currently it is only available in Unforgiving difficulty.

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The old tutorial didn't really explain things in much depth. The new tutorial explains just about everything!

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You can now hit 'esc' to bring up a pause menu. Currently you can only set your options but it will later allow you to go to the menu, exit the game, etc.


- Corrected the day-night cycle speed.
- Corrected the rate at which vegetables grow.
- Fixed the multiplayer subscript issues.
- Fixed unforgiving mode deaths now allowing you to exit the death menu.
- Fixed sprites not animating.
- Fixed the frame drops in the swamp biome.
- Fixed trade items not being cleared.
- Fixed some memory issues serverside.

- Worlds now only save every 5 minutes.
- Updated all the farming graphics.
- Replaced potatoes with corn.
- Replaced wheat with onions.
- Slightly improved tall grass generation.
- 3 random items will be dropped on death after your first death in easy mode.
- Removed the size limit on the world seed.
- You will regen 1% blood every minute (every 100 seconds if in a dungeon).
- The cursor will only change into its combat graphic when in range.

- Music will now transition smoothly.
- New and updated tutorial.
- Added more items to the list of items baskets can give.
- Added more items that NPCs can trade.
- Blind mode! No vitals, no health bars, no item tooltips.
- You can now pickup flint and branches by walking over them.
- House roofs now become transparent when the player is under them.
- You can now set your options in-game (default 'esc').
- Body parts will now slowly heal over time.
- The data folder will now be recreated on startup if it is deleted.

Nightly 10

Unfortunately it won't exist! 0.5.0 has been a massive patch for Crawle and I feel that it is almost ready. We have a couple more things that we'd like to do before release (an actual, full release) but these things won't be released publicly until the full release.

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