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The second nightly build! This build includes a brand new birch tree texture and the ability for trees to die.

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- Fixed the amount of players serverside and clientside not matching up.
- Fixed water, flower, dirt, tall grass and swamp grass stacking.
- Fixed the number of trees displayed on the map.
- Optimised the world generation a bit more.
- Fixed NPCs being attackable in singleplayer.

- The world is now surrounded by a body of water.
- The height of housefloors (the stone ones) are now randomised.
- Increased the world size five fold. (Might take a while sending the world serverside).
- Changed the birch tree texture.
- Removed dead trees from the swamp.
- Put player movement speed back up.

- Added a /worldinfo serverside command.
- Added an errorhandler for invalid commands.
- Added a serverside warp command, usage: /warp player1 player2
- Permadeath to multiplayer.
- Trees can now die (rate is high now for people to see it happening).
- Saving message on exit.

Dev Log 6:

Dev Log 6 is finally here and it explains what has been added and what will be added in the future.



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Water now surrounds the world instead of a black void. I'll be adding corners to the world to make it look more like an island. Also, Birch trees have a new texture.

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Trees can now die. They will simply lose their leaves at the moment but the system will grow more complicated with time such as the wood being too weak to make tools and so tools made using said wood breaks quite easily. This change also means that dead trees that spawn in swamps have been removed.

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