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Nibû has been officially out for almost 2 months. For those who are not familiar with the game, Nibû is a real-time strategy game set in ancient Mesopotamia. You build your base, recruit units and defeat the oncoming hordes of enemies. You'll take control over one of the 3 different allied factions: The Assyrians, The Medes or The Babylonians. With the recent update 2.0, you'll be able to challenge the enemy factions in skirmishes and challenge yourself in an endless survival mode.

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Nibû has is officially out for almost 2 months.

My Name is Enki, and I'm the developer of Nibû.

I've decided to create a page on indie.db to showcase the game, keep track of updates and find people who might join our small community on steam.

If you are unaware, Nibû is an RTS set in ancient Mesopotamia. You take control of one of the three factions (The Medes, The Babylonians, and the Assyrians) in order to build a civilization and stop your opponents.

You are challenged by 5 different enemy factions with unique units, tactics, and playstyles (especially in Skirmishes)


You'll start with a few villagers near your town center and have to expand your base to reach more resources. You'll have numerous amounts of military, civic and production facilities to construct.

Each civilization has a unique set of buildings, abilities, and bonuses.


The different buildings that you can see on the image above have their specific uses in the economy and culture system. For instance: You'll need to manage your districts in order to keep population growth and food cost in check. Palazzas generate culture from nearby villagers and citizens.


Nibû offers many systems similar to the aforementioned ones, which allow for many different playstyles. I personally like to focus on the temple units and build my economy around generating as much favor as possible.

Each opponent faction has a unique style of buildings, units, and personalities. The Maggot is a psychotic madman, the Pharao is a narcissist, the Talestaller is a pathological liar, the Crow is a delusional, from multiple personality disorder suffering crazy scientist and the Tyrant is just a radical.

I would definitely describe some of the game's elements as satirical, especially during the loading screens.

There are many different aspects of the game that I will not cover in this introduction. The skirmish mode is one of them. The image below shows the capital of the maggot.

New Capitol

And here are some shots from the in-game menus.

menu showcasef

menu showcase2f

If you are interested, check it out on steam:


I hope you enjoyed this introduction, stay tuned for more content!

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