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What is this game ? What fun experience I offer. Discover it now !

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Hello Everybody !

So, I post a first news to introduce the project and its progress. I'm french and I apologize if my english in news or in game is bad, I think I'll recruit a translator soon.

The current game logo

What is Nexus Sea ?

In short

Nexus Sea is a FPS / Tower Defense game in voxel style where you must defend your place (The nexus) with turrets and weapons against the drones.


In this "TDFPS" you pop on a map where there are a Nexus that you have to defend and one or several Monolith which are generating enemies. You have money to buy some weapons and combat turret to defend the Nexus and yourself against enemies. If you die or fall in the water, you lose money but you can regain it by destroying drones.

The shop where you can buy items

The MonolithNexus

Gameplay GIF

And ?

For the time being, that's all ! There are just a few weapons, turrets and one sort of enemy but it will be increased. There will also items to buff you.

And ??

A multiplayer mod where each player can buy their own stuff : Drones to attack the enemy, turrets, weapons and magical items to defend themselves !

And ???

A ZOMBIE MOD !! Oh wait...

For the time being

You can download the game, test it, and tell me what you think about it. Some defect, what you would like to see in future releases or just tell me that it is good, it is always a pleasure.

You can also play the WebPlayer version at this address : Metaldiamond.fr.cr

Nexus Sea 0.1 - Windows Version

So good bye and see you soon for some news or release.

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