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If you could have anything added to Asteroid 2012 3D what would it be...

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Okay, first post and might as well make it a request for your thoughts! I have been beavering away on Asteroid 2012 for over a year now and its turned out pretty much how I imagined it in my minds eye when I set out. As you will see from the video review by Androidizen last week the app has been gaining good favour from players and media channels:

The promo video here is of the last but one version, note the UI has changed and allows for all the added features detailed below:

Asteroid 2012 now contains multiple weapons, upgradeable weaponry, multiple arenas accessible through portals, multiple enemy aliens, atmospheric lighting FX, a brand new UI, Online HighScores and also some 'dreaded' IAP too - they aren't a necessity to play the game ( however I always appreciate those players who do buy them ) but they give you a headstart in any games you play with them turned on.

For example, the LVL5 Laser Upgrade means every game you start will have a full power laser at your disposal, take damage though and it gets reduced as per normal. The Infinity upgrade is exactly that, it will remain on full power at all times regardless of damage...

Now though I am considering what to do next within the app - thoughts range from adding mission based progress and the ability to choose your next destination via star maps or adding a range of craft that the player can choose (read buy) to play with. Some would be faster, but weaker, others stronger but slower etc etcWhat I really want to know is from those playing the game - what would you like to see added most?

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