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Just a quick little bit of news about the next game update.

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Let's get right into it.
I've been slacking and lazy, so my apologies.
Things you'll see in the next update:
+ An updated menu with a New Game, Load Game, and Exit Game option
+ New loading screens
+ New in-game menu (A little buggy, will include a readme if not fixed by the 10th)
+ A new HUD
+ Storyline (At least, a majority of certain things I wanted to include as story so far; the full story cannot be implemented of course until the final product.)
+ More levels (at least 1 more, possibly 2)
+ A few more disturbing moments that are scary based on the player
+ More items in rooms (Some rooms still useless, but ones where monsters or obvious bodies are will have audio logs, which is the storyline)

That's all I have planned for the next update so far, unless I have a few more things to crank out by then.
I did, however, plan another update on October 31st, since it's Halloween then and I want to celebrate that with an update.
I'll start regularly setting myself up for a deadline to keep myself on task with the game and it's updates.
Thank you all so much for your patience and thank you all for playing my game, I love how many of you have done so.
I really hope you enjoy the next game update.

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