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A small poll about the further progress of the project.

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Since I take it, that some people have already played the demo, what should I implement next?

  • Multiplayer: Hotseat multiplayer on the same PC and online/LAN multiplayer
  • single player story: the story of the three nations: the new democracy of the United Republic of Central Africa, the media dictatorship of a crumbling USA and the rise of the god-emperor of the Empire of Light, as well as their charismatic leaders, whose roles you will take
  • graphics: Better textures, animations, lighting, bumpmaps, improved UI etc.
  • AI: a better, more efficient computer opponent
  • more game play content: more different units and upgrades for each faction

Please write in the comments, what you would like to see next.


I don't know about anyone else but what'd live to see in this is Regimental stats and names. So each time I recruit some troopers they get a randomly generated name and a number like '32nd Devil Dogs' or something think atom zombie smasher. Stats would be something akin to unit specialities, so if the afore mentioned '32nd Devil Dogs' do alot of fighting in mountains the penalty doesn't effect them as much or if they spend alot of time at sea they get a bonus when landing or fighting in boats. It's these kind of things that always make me care more about my men in games, it makes me less likely to lead them in a huge campaign and the just forget which unit it is and end up sending them to their deaths but it's really your choice.

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