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Next devlog for the Real Time Strategy/Tower Defence Game „Planet27”.

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Hi guys,

Welcome to the next dev log. I have published version 0.3.10 on itch.io today.
There are two new Cool towers in that version which you can unlock.

1. Slowdown Shield Tower
Slows enemies inside a shield.

2. Grenade tower
Bombs the entire zone within range, causing massive area damage, only against enemies that are NOT flying

The Game is also now availble on G.ROUND (gameround.co)

Download on Itch.io:


Any Kind of Feedback is still welcome here or on Discord:


Here you can watch a small trailer of the new Towers:

And some screen shoots.

ScreenShoot 18 03 2021 11 57 22

ScreenShoot 18 03 2021 12 03 32

ScreenShoot 18 03 2021 12 05 02

ScreenShoot 18 03 2021 12 05 46

ScreenShoot 18 03 2021 12 06 03

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