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Well then, We have more news! Let's read and not care about the fact that this game isn't in Pre-Alpha! :D

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Ok, I am making the ball which I posted the screenshot up as the menu ball. I'm going to make it so you have to manuver the ball around using the arrow keys to select your play. And for load game, I'm going to have it so it says Game Loaded for 5 seconds after you loaded it. I have made 20 mission for normal and the rest will be done after. Progress Below:

  • CD Player Music Added In
  • Ball Menu added.
  • Game Loaded Text Added
  • 20 missions made.
  • One new enemy.
  • New Demo coming up!

In progress

  • Redesign of EVERYTHING!

What does that mean? Well as you can see from the new picture I uploaded, I have been redesigning to make it more cartoony. The walls and enemies you saw in the demo will be redesigned. I will post an old look, new look comparison video for you to see what I meant. What I need to add:

  • 80 Normal Missions
  • 50 Skydiving Missions
  • 10 Super-Hard Mission
  • Zenlectro Music.
  • Backgrounds!

That's all for now!

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