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Some information and the current changelog of the 0.6 patch. Release date unknown.

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As is mentioned in the subject, here a newsblog about the progress on the coming patch 0.6. So here we go...

Like you obviously know, there is still tons of work to be done to get the mod out of the Alpha stages and get to that 1.0 version. Working on my own plus I have 40 hour (full time) working weeks isn't making the progress that fast. However, whenever I have the time. I do spend it on getting some stuff done.

Below you can see a detailed changelog of all that has been done so far for the new patch. It's still far from done. But I wanted to give you guys a look. So you guys could aid me in things I might have overlooked or simply completely forgotten. Or when you have something else in terms of a suggestion I would gladly read them.

Help with improving the mod!
There wern't a lot of specific bug/gameplay reports since the last patch. Mainly the errors + crashes were mentioned. Which is good. But I'm looking even more for gameplay reports on the morale system, unit strenght, item strenght/prices and whatever aspect you can find in the modification at the current moment.

So please! If you have the time, patience and would love to help out with the mod's progress. Give me them reports! :)

Eitherway, here is the changelog any comments/suggestions etc regarding them will be highly appreciated in order to further improve the modification.


Changelog 0.6

- Added -
Added - AI mesh to Neapolis Exterior (Roman)
Added - Entry Points to Neapolis Exterior (Roman)
Added - More equipment for the Roman Civilian troop.
Added - Roman velite shield to the Levy Troop
Added - More clothes to the villagers and townsmans
Added - Roman Standards (?)
Added - World map (new report menu)(Re-)
Added - Roman Armor without capeAdded - Gladiator equipment
- Changed -
Changed - Sarmantian warlord names
Changed - Brytenwalda in the dialogs to something more suitable
Changed - Item prices
Changed - Item stats
Changed - Schillingas to Coins
Changed - Starting location dialog
Changed - Merchant in Neapolis and Ravenna at the starting quest
Changed - Factions strings
Changed - Rome's Great hall scene
Changed - Preatorian names to just Praetoriana
Changed - Ages of lords and ladies
Changed - Ladies names
Changed - Dialogs that involved credit references
Changed - Several faction leaders renown
Changed - Chatti's and Frisii's lord names.
Changed - The village of Paestum's location.
Changed - Main menu 2d
Changed - Loadingscreens
Changed - Great Hall of Rome
Changed - Bits of the Character background
Changed - Rome's startup quest scene.
Changed - Equipment to their proper cultures
Changed - Legionary Segmentata name to Caped Legionary Segmentata (seperated the current model to one with and one without check with the added content)
Changed - Roman Centurion armor to armor with cape
Changed - Lord faces

- Fixed -
Fixed - Sarmantian guards and messengers
Fixed - Town menu's 2D art
Fixed - Port option to cities located at the actual sea.
Fixed - Missing BL_VikingByrnie textures
Fixed - Missing BL_Lammellar textures

- Removed -
#Items removed from shops
- Padded Leather
- Blue Tunic
- Green Tunic


Thanks for the update. I think you will get more feedback as the mod becomes more complete. More people will give the mod a chance once you can drop the alpha from the mod name.

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gokiller Author

Aye, got the same thoughts! However at this point they are the most valued. So just for those who have a bit spare time! :P

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I know, and you are making pretty awesome progress despite having a tight schedule. I'll play the 0.6 version when it's out and report via PM on the issues you mention in the update.

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gokiller Author

Sounds great! Thanks! :)

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will you add fire arrows for the next patch?

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gokiller Author

I might, not sure yet. :)

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there is something wrong with the sea battles.

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gokiller Author

Which is?

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Cheers; couple of catches:

- part of the Formations menu in battle is messed; i can give all commands but most commands show up as error texts or they overlap with each other... like cavalry formation options with mount/ dismount. weapon type options show up as code from F3 -> upwards. Are u aware of this?

- All in all I consider as a great achievement (among all the work) the playability u have created for the mod; it runs smooth; nothing anymore really broken for me; stays rewarding even after 1000 game days :) Exceptional!
**one thing would improve the macro/ strategic gameplay though!
-- Description: in my current game i conquered 7 North European factions (Scotii, Caledonii, Frisii, Saxones, Rugii; Suiones and Fennii) as a vassal and marshall of Roman Gallia. Vassals of the beaten factions surprisingly stayed hanging around my main fief Dalriata with troops and their original colours; -even when their faction was destroyed- not joining any existing faction (although not attacking mine). On the other hand my liege seemed to run out of vassals as I steamed over northern tribes and gained castles and capitals - offering them all to me... Shouldn't the lords of the defeated factions assimilate into existing ones? That would fix problem.

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gokiller Author

Hey! First of all a big thanks for providing feedback. Really appreciated!

Then about the stuff you encountered. The formation command is something I haven't discovered the problem of as of yet. I'll keep looking though.

In time I'll also add more vassals to the current factions as I realise there's are a bit to vew. I'll look as well into that vassal keep hanging around bug. However I believe I heard something about that from someone that it's something that came along with the Brytenwalda base as it was encountered there as well. So unsure what I can do.

Once again, cheers!

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