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News update number 2, texturing, near death experiences, sickness, and failure

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Ugh....... I don't feel very funny today. After surviving my bout of strep throat 3 weeks ago, a colleague gave me her upper respiratory infection sometime last week, during which the strep re-entered my life... again! I put my left over Amoxicillin to the test and tuned into the Science Channel for a good 72 hours or so.

I'm not so sure I didn't just survive the plague but I'm done bitching.

So, news!

Progress has been slow. I finally got out of bed long enough to go for a walk and do some real IRL manly texture gathering. I took a hike down a local hunting trail (during the peak of deer season, I might add!) and got some decent nature textures and turned them into engine assets, painted some normal's, but nothing to interesting.

I also started learning the in's and out's of 3ds Max, which was not nearly as hard as I was anticipating but still a brain scratcher in some parts.

(I know that no one would take me seriously if I produced all of my static model's using Google Sketchup. That'd be like hearing the attention starved girl on the back of the bus telling your buddies she's totally a hardcore gamer, who happens to only play Halo Reach, but I digress...)

So here's some texturing shots for you. Some of these are already outdated (especially the dirt path's and roads, which in the pictures don't have transparent edges (and were rotated improperly. Woops!)

Much love, Darling.


Very nice. ;-)

Going out and taking photos to make textures out of is something I used to do. Lots of fun. :D

Are you making normal/spec maps along with the diffuse? It's hard to tell from the screenshots.

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healforlulz Author

Thank you very much! I love the hands on stuff! And yes I do, I use crazy bump to make the specular maps and the normals, and sometimes photoshop afterwards to clean up the normals.

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The normal on the brick looks a bit odd.
I would suggest making a custom heightmap (with brick as white and the grout as black), converting that to a normal (cryTIFF export option), then overlaying that with the crazybump normal and blending them.

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