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A whole bunch of goodies coming and bug fixes plus damage model audits and more

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xoomXOOM S! WWII Online Community, today we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming release notes for version which is scheduled for release in August 2020. This includes a massive overhaul on how aircraft components are damaged (the most realistic it has ever been), and several other good fixes to optimize gameplay. There are also several good updates ranging from increased infantry field of view, enhanced textures, improved characters on anti-tank guns, 10 new pentagon/city bunkers added in key strategic points along the frontlines, and much more. It's going to be a BIG update loaded with content for you all! Thanks for your continued subscription support making all of this possible! Please continue reading to see the full release notes.

World War II Online

Current version release notes (work in progress and may be subject to some change prior to delivery) - Estimated Delivery: August 2020

This release consists of many updates and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the Daimler driver to be counted as a critical hit
  • Fixed the issue causing vehicle hulks to disappear immediately
  • Fixed the problem that allowed 20mm AP rounds to kill Churchill tanks
  • Repaired the Sdkfz 7/36 SPAA hitmap to conform with the crew members
  • Corrected an issue that was causing propeller spinners to disappear
  • Numerous terrain issues and tweaks have been made to correct terrain anomalies
  • The riding positions for the Morris has been fixed
  • Fixed a clipping issue in four different buildings
  • Corrected the issue causing the PaK36 to slide down a hill
  • The red ammo counter lights within the 109F2, 109F4 and 109G have been corrected to show for the proper weapons


  • All water shaders have been updated to represent better-looking water
  • Crew members for the M1, 6-Pdr, and PaK38 have been updated with newer models
  • Updated a bunch of different unit images within the unit selection menu
  • Multiple building textures have been updated with higher resolution textures
  • The initial game splash screen has been updated to an updated version of the 1.17 style
  • The FlaK38 model has been updated to a more realistic model
  • The Infantry Field of View (FOV) has been increased in order to allow for better situational awareness
  • The sounds for MG17 and MGFF weapons has been updated
  • Some grass textures now render more smoothly as you approach them
  • The barriers at some rivers have been removed to allow for larger ships to go up rivers
  • Chain linked fences near docks have been updated to allow for players to shoot through it
  • New bunkers have been added to Dinant, Schilde, Grobbendonk, Leuven, Namur, Verdun, Longwy, Ramet, Tielt and Vlissingen
  • Translations have been updated for the recent changes
  • The FW190 ammo counters have been updated to show for only cannon weapons
  • Updated aircraft component damage levels to better achieve more realistic values and functionality

New Content

  • Added an "Airbored" picture to a bunker in recognition of being a platinum builder

S! Cornered Rat Software


Your subscriptions are directly contributing to these sorts of initiatives being possible. WWII Online is 100% community funded and your support not only keeps us operational, but it also helps us get more done.

  1. Make sure you subscribe to an active paid account at Account.wwiionline.com.
  2. If you're interested in doing more for development, consider becoming a hero builder, check Wwiionline.com for perks.
    1. This includes pictures and a more thorough breakdown.
  3. Recruit your friends into the game and get them on voice comms / teach them how to play.
  4. Actively play and engage with the community, this helps everything stay healthy.
  5. Share all of our development news with current players and older fans who may not be aware of our developments.

CRS would like to thank you for all of your tremendous support and we hope you are staying safe and healthy during this COVID-19 period.

Here's what's in store as a Builder of WWII Online:

  • Access to the "NCO" Infantry Class
  • Access to the "Ammunition Bearer" Infantry Class
  • FREE second towing account (includes inf classes)
  • Ingame "Hammer" Icon
  • Forum Rank (Title)
  • Forum Rank Avatar
  • Forum name receives first letter capitalized
  • Access to the "Builder" forum to chat with Devs / get early bird updates

Upgrade your account at Account.wwiionline.com ---> Hero.

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