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This is a look at some of what is coming to us soon this month of April 2021. Our latest patch for WWII Online,, the first since December 2020 and has 4 of our 2021 road map element's. Take a look and see what is being released, vehicle, game play and visual enhancements plus a free link for all to Trello where you can monitor the status of whats in the works on our roadmap of 2021 as we build up to the 20th anniversary celebration on June 6th.

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Coming soon to WWII Online is, our first release since Christmas 2020! However the wait was worth it, as this thing is packed with goodies including 4 Roadmap deliveries. Good news included for AMD users regarding loading time for the game, several new features and a big list of bug fixes. We will be releasing this month once release candidate testing has concluded (currently in progress). This serves as your Friday update, please spread this around the community as it contains huge developments that everyone should be aware of! Thanks for your continued support, and be sure to subscribe for more game development at Account.wwiionline.com.

World War II Online: Version - April 2021

This release marks 4 Roadmap deliveries and a huge number of updates to mark a strong Q1-2021 development cycle. As per our 2021 Roadmap, the 32bit PC client has been discontinued as of this release.

Thanks to your subscription support, developments like these are made possible.

Become a Hero Builder at www.wwiionline.com/hero


Roadmap Deliveries

  • Panzerjäger 1
  • Bomber Pilots may now select their desired bomb payload (loadouts)
  • Mission leaders can now change their target, without making a new mission
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) elements opacity may now be adjusted in Preferences Menu

2 panzerjger1

loadout a20

loadout boston

loadout db

loadout heinkel

loadout stuka

Critical Performance Fix

  • AMD cards will now load the game much faster (up to 50%)

New Features

  • Dyle river added around Brussels
  • Causeway added to connect Vlissingen and Gravenpolder Island(s)
  • Polders have been added to several cities
  • Tankers at Oostende and Rotterdam are now able to be climbed by infantry
  • Some riverbanks updated to improve infantry climbing out of water (work in progress)
  • New lakes added near Aarschot and Zandvliet
  • New environment props: Ketch, port cranes, cow, graveyard, logs and more
  • Dinant hill now has a walkable path for infantry
  • Capture building has a new “destroyed state” texture
  • Several bridges and roads have received a texture update
  • Vehicle spawn staircase updated to show more realistic steps
  • A new pillbox has been added to the game (see Lier - Aarschot FB)
  • Game credits updated to show latest team members
  • EWS range for trucks increased from 700m to 1000m

Bug Fixes

  • major HE Shrapnel bug has been resolved
  • A massive audit of recently added textures has improved game performance
  • Several buildings have had their Levels of Detail (LODs) fixed
  • Infantry who jump from a two story building will now be hurt
  • Entering the docks no longer forces you to go prone
  • A-20 will now trigger Bomber EWS
  • A-20 ventral gunner no longer fires while undeployed
  • A-20 air speed indicator adjusted for maximum vehicle speed
  • H75 prop was over performing, reverted to historical (correct) value
  • US M3 ATG now has third person firing audio
  • US GMC truck audio levels are now the same as other trucks
  • Matilda Mk II smoke charger LODs resolved for smoother transitions
  • Stug III G MG34 gunner LODs updated and is now killable at longer range
  • Bedford SPAA personal decal issue resolved
  • Added some various missing road textures

Terrain Fixes

  • Stekene: Set of buildings no longer sunk in ground
  • Kaisersesch: Vehicle spawns no longer clipping AB walls
  • Roye: Empty AI positions fixed, and AB vehicle spawn no longer clipping
  • Waalwijk-Oosterhout: Depot no longer has berm clipping into CP building
  • Lillers: Floating berm resolved
  • Schilde: CP building had a tree removed from it
  • Chimay: Has had an AI MG pit repaired
  • Havelange: Two trees removed from a warehouse building
  • Environment objects removed from fourteen (14) forward base spawn positions
  • Verviers: Spa spawn rear exit is no longer blocked
  • Landrecies and Rotterdam North Harbor floating buildings resolved
  • St. Quentin no longer has oil tanks inside of a building
  • Fixecourt infantry spawns spread out to avoid stairs blocking exits
  • Nijmegen and Piennes AB barracks moved to avoid clipping
  • A section of road at Remagen has been repaired

WWII Online Trailer

WWII Online Combined Arms Trailer

Keep track of game development with the free link below!

Free Link to Trello.com 2021 road map tool

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