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Hello any one still here? Well I guess someone might read this update so I'll continue.....

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So what has been going on since the last time I posted an update you might ask.

Well several things:

-The 3D game we were developing didn't get very far as Unity was a pain in the but to use so I decide to cut the project.

- CRACK IT was finally finished and is now bug free at last and the map editor is 100% finished (build 8). Now, I know I said that it was going to be left at beta stage but I decided to finish it because I had the time to work on it.
There is only two small installer related bugs I have found:
-After install there is not shortcut to the game, so you will have to make your own shortcut to it
-When we ran the game it didn't start properly unless the game was run with admin permission.
I probably should have done more testing with the actual installer but I wanted to get CRACK IT uploaded so badly.

So next project?

CRACK IT 2 is in development and will hopefully be able to run on MAC, PC and windows 8RT.
So whats going to be different?
-Updated Graphics (46 by 46 instead of 32 by 32 upscaled to 42 by 42)
-touch controls
-different Maps
-ability for users to make map packs (and my self)
-optimizing code so that the game runs smother

What am I keeping form the first game?
Map edit
-car edit
-Custom music able to be loaded
-Still modifying the FPS tutorial number 0 as a base code(there is 0.001% left of it once I've finished modifying it)

What I'm thinking of doing/adding:
LAN 2 player?
texture packs?
my own map packs.
any thing else I can thing of

When Can I see a preview?
Tomorrow or the next day after that I am uploading an engine demo so you can have a look at it and the week after I'll possibly have a basic alpha for download

Till then keep having fun,

CRACK IT's Designer ZCR

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