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A new Announcement regarding a verry hard topic, But wich is fineley decided

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We have had a lot of discussions regarding "Lorica Segmenta"
Well, we have had discussions about it.
And, We have made a decision, Some Might be happy, Some may not be.
I the Single Player we will not be using the Lorica Segmenta.
We have come to the decision that in multiplayer it will be more fun to use it.
Everyone might have their Opinions about it.

In MP will shall make a new troop called "Legionnaire" which will have the Lorixa Segmenta.
But will lag the hasta,
Triarii will stay in the game with the same armours. and will take the role of Spearman.

This might go against History!
But we think in Multiplayer you should just not Focus on History and make it fun.

Well, Now that is said.

I will say 2 things more.

first, The lorica segmenta will give the same body protection as the hamata, to make the game balanced.
It's weight and cost will also be more.

I want no discussion about this.
Every Comment seen as an argument/discussion about this decision will be removed.

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