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Some news in development organisation change: While the dual release of the OpenLierox 0.57rc1 and 0.58beta4, they have organized several changes in development.

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OpenLieroX 0.58 beta4 jumped number from last release of 0.57beta8, which represent the work they done in past year

This contains basically everything we worked on since 0.57 beta8. And this is a lot.

Here some very short summary:

- uploadlimit check fixed + automatic measuring of speed

- more stable network (CChannel3)

- improved HTML viewer

- IRC support

- dedicated server becomes useable

- improved connect-during-game

- background music by Corentin Larsen

- damage reporting (shows how much you injured a worm)

- new game options dialog

- ingame console can be used everywhere, also in menu

- ingame console much more advanced, many new commands, better autocompletion

- new debug logging system

- Hide & Seek gamemode

- Capture The Flag gamemode

- Race / Team Race gamemodes

- air jumping as an optional feature

- extended physics engine / gamescript (still in development)

- high-resolution level support

- possibility to make maps infinite

- possibility to disable minimap

- support for Commander Keen 1-3 levels

- game size factor (you can make everything bigger or smaller)

- hit/damage yourself/teammembers can be enabled/disabled (aka friendly fire on/off)

- immediate start

- worm speed/damage/shield/friction factor

- projectile friction factor

Edit: Forgot about:

- physics should be exactly like LX56 now

- select weapons ingame (chat command /weapons)


All files (currently Windows, Windows patch, MacOSX, Debian/Ubuntu
i386, Debian/Ubuntu amd64 and source code) can be downloaded here:

Gentoo ebuild script:

Remember, this is a beta release. I think most things will work in this
version and there are a lot of new and nice things to discover, but
there are also some known issues.

Some of the issues are already described here:

If you see any other problems, please report them.

This 0.57 rc1 is basically a slightly fixed 0.57 beta8. The
uploadbandwidth should be fixed hopefully here. This is the only main

If you have any problems, please report so. Note that most bugs of 0.57
beta8 are also in this release - though there shouldn't be that much
(not much despite the bad network performance was reported for 0.57
beta8). So I hope we have a good and stable release here.

Here are all files for Windows, MacOSX, Debian and the source release (for Linux):

This is the Gentoo ebuild script:


Some explanation what has changed recently:

We planned since a long time to make releases more often. The main problem about this was that is was very complicated to maintain/work on multiple versions at the same time and to build up a release itself. (Creating a release is not trivial. For every supported system, it has to be compiled, tested, packed together and uploaded to SF; and if something was forgotten, the procedure has to be started from the beginning - sometimes even for all systems again. This can take a whole weekend of annoying work of at least two of us at the same time.)

Several things have changed now internally which will simplify that a lot:

- We have migrated from SVN to Git. This will make the code management a lot easier and allows us to easily maintain several versions (these are called branches). We have already 3 main branches at this time: One for 0.57, one for 0.58 and the master. The master is always the most up-to-date code, it's probably the code for the 0.59 version or whatever we call that one.

If you want to get an impression, look here, at the bottom on the page under heads (that are our main branches):

- I have created a lot of distribution scripts which will make the whole releasing process a lot more easier and mostly automatic. They are not complete yet but they have helped me a lot already (for the 0.57 rc1 and 0.58 beta1 release).

Now, this is how we plan to organise in the future:

- We will make releases far more often (only if there is something to release of course). There wont be any SVN/Git nightly builds anymore. If we want you to test something, we will create a new beta release.

- A beta release is, as the name says, a beta release. There are known issues and we don't try to make them as stable as possible. (This was different before. We/I always tried to make the beta release not really a beta release but a stable release. This was the main reason why we often waited so long with a release - because there were known problems and it was not stable enough for us.)

- For bigger changes, we will make a new whole new version (e.g., last is 0.58 now, so next would be 0.59). For smaller changes/fixes, we will stay at one version and make just a new release (0.58 beta1 was the last release of 0.58, so next would be 0.58 beta2). For some versions (perhaps 0.58, how knows?), there wont be much more versions. Perhaps 0.58 beta1 will be the only release for 0.58 and 0.59 will directly follow. For versions which look more promising or which are very much liked by the community, we will probably make further releases if we think it is worth. For example, it is probable, that there will be further 0.58 releases.

- If there is one version, where we think that the last release has become stable enough (like 0.58 beta8), we will make some RC (= release candidate) releases (like 0.58 rc1). This are the last versions before the final/stable release. The order is always X.Y beta1 ( -> X.Y beta 2 -> X.Y beta ...) -> X.Y rc1 (-> X.Y rc2 -> X.Y rc ...) -> X.Y final

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