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With the basic player model finished, level developement begins...

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After many hours of final touches and rig testing, I've managed to complete the basic footman player model, which is ready to be imported in the game. The only thing left is to add special capabilities to the rig, which will ease the work on animations.

Since the player model has nowhere to roam I've decided to design a level before I get into animating. Two player models are yet to be made, archer and a commander, but I'm leaving them for later, designing them will take much time and I want to start playtesting as soon as possible.

For the first level, I've decided to recreate medieval version of my hometown, having all the reference material at hand. Finding references wasn't easy, I've ended up with a bunch of old depictions of the town, the oldest one being from 18th century. It's not perfect, but the most important thing is that city walls are visible, this will give a rough look on how the city may have looked in medieval period.

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