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The Dietl build is up, we made a successful server-stress test, you can jump the Beta-key queue by filling out a survey, Chrome installation workaround and much more.

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You favorite developer team at Reto-Moto is back in the trenches from a little summer R&R, and we're fighting our way through bugs and new features. The Dietl build is up and we recently ran a successful stress test!

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 3: Crace & Dietl showing character ranks, mission lobby and a preview of an upcoming single-player mission.

The Dietl Build is Up!

A little more than a week ago we deployed the Dietl build and to celebrate this we made a new videolog showing some of the features of the Crace & Dietl builds. The features highlighted in this videolog are:

  • Character ranks and XP
  • Multiple seatings in vehicles
  • Mission lobby
  • Preview of an upcoming Single-Player mission type
  • Support the development: Buy Warbonds!

A more detailed changelog can be found here!

Tired of waiting? Jump to the front of the Beta-queue!

If you're tired of waiting for your Beta-key, then fill out this survey and we'll let you jump to the front of the Beta-queue.

We're very interested to know more about what kind of gamers join our Beta-program, so we hope that you'll enlighten us by filling out the survey. And feel free also to fill it out even if you already have received a key. :)

Tired of waiting? Jump to the front of the Beta-queue!

The recent server stress-test

The server stress test we held on the 13th of August was quite successful in the sense that the servers didn’t crash, even though we had more than 800 players logged in at the same time. In total we had more than 2000 players who successfully logged in from 18.00- 22.00 UTC.

This is in fact our first “successfull” server stress test, but even though the backend system didn’t roll over and die, we still found a bunch of smaller issues that we of course need to solve.

If you didn't make it to the stress test, then don't despair. We'll have another one quite soon, and the servers are now open 24/7, so you can still log in and play if you have received a key.

Chrome version 21 - current installation workaround

Google Chrome has now officially been released in version 21, which means that you can only install new plugins/extensions through the Chrome Webstore.

The impact is has on Heroes & Generals is, that you can’t install Heroes & Generals through Chrome at the moment. The immediate workaround is to use another browser, but we’re working hard on making a new installer that will work with Chrome.

However, if you have already installed our “retox” plugin you can still access and play the game through Chrome.
Messerschmitt in an attack run

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That's all for now. Remember that you can follow us on facebook, twitter, YouTube or Google+ for videos, realtime news and updates.

The Heroes & Generals Team

Sign up for a Beta-key here!


thx for update the game is great

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