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News about Crescent Hollow BETA 1.0.4 (The Age of Exploration).

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News about Crescent Hollow BETA 1.0.4 (The Age of Exploration):

We wanted everyone to know development is coming along for BETA 1.0.4, we have a huge list of content and improvements:

NEW FEATURES (Coming Soon):

GIF ch engineer 104

• Engineer crafting table now available (Create naval ship, airship, upgrade ship, etc.)

GIF ch navalship 104 2

• You can create a naval ship from the engineer crafting table (Go to any dock in the “ground overworld map” to activate the naval ship).

• You can create an airship from the engineer crafting table.(Transforms into airship from the ocean after your in naval ship mode)

ch sailcrests1GIF

• You can customize your ships sail from the engineer crafting table. (Changes for both naval and airship)

GIF CH poison1
ezgif com resize
ezgif com resize1
ch mesa beta 1 0 4 1024x588

• New maps/continents (Desert, Jungle, Mesa, Volcanic)
• New enemy AI types and new enemies (Part 2)

Bug Fixes/Improvements:

• Some previously existing maps are now larger (Part 2)

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