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Hello, so the big news update, here it is. There are few main changes, some of which I have said a while ago but need to reiterate and clarify, especially for newer people interested in the game. Also the other important news is the road map for development from now on.

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-First off is the name change, to Xeno Ranger. Now it actually makes sense instead of only sounding cool.

-Procedural planets have/will been replaced with hand made ones. However bases and dungeons will mostly procedural as are a majority of other things.
The reason I changed this was not because procedural planets did not work but because the detail and performance was not good enough. It requires too much of a sacrifice in view range, AI/player number, base sizes, vehicle speed limits etc.
It also works better with the lore with hand made planets and natural locations.

The other important bit of news is the road map/plan for where this game is going in order get that first release working, fun and not a disappointing, overly buggy mess.

The main goal now is to get it crowd funded on Indiegogo. I attempted to do the first release alone after Kickstarter was not possible, but it soon became obvious that I cannot do this game justice by myself so I will need help to get it done.

I want the first release in early access to be an actual game not a test, with persistence to carry over in updates, that will be added according to the lore and storyline of the game. Kind of like different operations during a long drawn out war.

I will make another news update to let you know when the Indiegogo campaign goes online, it will be after some more updates including gameplay videos.

You can now follow on the twitter too. Twitter.com


Best of luck :)

Dont you think sometimes that, the earlier RTS mod would have been better if finished? :)

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Thilaksha Author


Yeah, I really liked that mod, it was the furthest I got, but in the end it did not put food on the table lol. I need to eat.

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